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HI my name is Ste Quinn,I am 25 years old and live in ST Helens in a classy little village called Haydock anybody who knows where that is will agree:)

My hobbies are mostly sporting things like playing football(i'm told that im the white dwight yorke)why i dunno,i also like playing golf,snooker,cricket,most sports really.The teams i follow are the mighty reds(liverpool)but the main team are the SAINTS rugby league team(the reigning super league champs)i go to most of their matches home and away.
This is where youll be able to find a picture of me as soon as i find a camera with a unbreakable lens.
im 6ft tall greeny brown eyes blondy brown hair and one hell of a good looking lad even if i do say so myself.
e-mail me and tell me what you think of this site but dont be too offensive as this is my first go
anything you think would improve this site just mail me and i'll give it a go

I will be updating weekly my hunt for the sexiest cheerleader on the planet.i'll leave the pic on the photos page,check out the first of many now
dont hesitate to send me a pic if you think youve found a better looking babe than the one in my photo gallery.


the playboy himself above.